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Angikar Ghosal

Duke University

Today, I am Angikar Ghosal,talking about my experience learing JEE ADVANCED Maths from Aloke Sir at IIt Maths Wizard. Aloke Sir is meticulous in explaning all concepts of mathematics.He has the unique approach of explaining chapters by regular drills of problem solving.He will make us solve problems from great textbooks;and ensure that we done our skills through practice.His regularly conducted test-series will help a student gauge his or her weakness and strengths.I joined IIT Maths Wizard in class IX and found his classes to be very useful.Additionally,he regularly solves doubts of all his students.He gives adequate training for both JEE Mains and JEE advanced,I recomended his classes for anybody who wants to get into a good engineering collage at the desired branch.

Thank you

Angikar Ghosal

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