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Subhasish Das

I Subhasish Das,Under the Guidance of Aloke Sir in the year 17-18 and was helped by his authority in maths.Indeed a maths wizard but more so a saviour.His skills are second to none and he cares about his students,alot.i had a lot of backlogs in coordinate geometry before taking his coaching.Being a maths enthusist myself,i wanted to keep my love intact however,without his hepl;i wouldn't be writing this testimonial and reaching out to aspirants.He teaches everything required at per JEE  and KVPY but never refraims from critical amalysis when enthuaistic students demand. His method of teaching and frequent tests that highlights weakpoints and develop student's potential and ability.we students of batch 2017-2018 could complain about his stict attandance which actually help in our exam.As for juniors/aspirants i have many tips warning to share .please be punctual as it help in devoloping the concept in a stragic fashion building minds and body for thr exam,Don't keep backlogs specially in maths and take hepl from him as much as possible even he encuraged us to do so practise different kind of question but refrain from too many they build fear and eat way precious time.folow your each riligiously and trust him-A good teacher can inspire hope,ignite the imagination and install of love of learning

subhashis Das

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