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Tamoghna Ghosh

Presently at AIIMS DELHI

I, Tamoghna Ghosh, was a student of Aloke sir in IIT MATHS WIZARD from 2014 to 2016. I got AIR 93 & State rank-1 in JEE Advanced in 2016. Also I got AIR 276 in JEE MAINS in 2016 and rank-6 in WBJEE in 2016. As it is rightly said. Maths is the toughest part in JEE,but for me it,it was the easiest and Aloke Sir had a significant role to play in it. His teaching methodology was excellent. He started from the very basics and then gradually eleveted to a level which is  even tougher than JEE! He gave ample time to each topic and was always available for clearing all doubts. He also took regular tests and was always there to explain my mistakes.He motivated me throughout my JEE prepareation journey and this paved a way for me to try and get a top 100 rank in IIT. It worked! his problem collection is fantastic and I honestly used to have a hard time solving the problems! That is actually the secret of my good marks in JEE.

So I am indebted to sir for his contribution towards my success.

Tamoghna Ghosh

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